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Gandalf .jpg

Gandalf 2022

Acrylic Painting

I am inspired to create art by the world around me. Regardless of whether I am creating a picture of an animal or a person, in almost every case my picture starts with the eyes. 

Trying to capture that essence of life is a welcome challenge and is what inspires me to create every day. 

I began drawing in 2017 and now exhibit and sell my art at markets throughout Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, via social media, online fine art sites and a number of local shops. 

Last year I was shortlisted and exhibited in the 'Sketch for Survival' - Explorers against Extinction competition

I predominantly use pencils enjoying the detail I can achieve. I am drawn to images with strong contrasts and find greyscale pencils, graphite and charcoal most effective, I also love working against a dark background, focusing on the highlights rather than the shadows.


Please get in touch if you are interested in commissioning a picture or buying any of my art. 

A selection of my prints and cards are available through this website and my Etsy store

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